for Men, Women & Home

Bar Soap                                        $11

Bar Soap w. Holder                        $21

Soap Holder                                   $11

Liquid Soap                                   $16

Petite Hand Cream                        $12

​Hand Cream                                   $20

Hand Lotion                                   $16

Dishwashing Liquid                      $15

Surface Cleaner                             $15

Diffuser                     $37-54

Available in Simmered Cider & Millefleur

Diffuser Refill           $32

​Available in Millefleur, Simmered Cider & Frasier Fir

Room Spray             $19

Available in Aqua Coralline, Eucalyptus, Goldleaf, Goldleaf Gardenia, Kimono Rose, Lavender, Lotus Santal, Millefleur Olive Leaf & Tupelo Lemongrass

Linen Spray            $25

Available in Lavender and Fresh Linen

All remaining stock 50% off

excludes liquid

Arctic Collection

3-wick Candle     $45

Available in North Land, North Sea, North Star and North Woods

5-wick Candle     $92

Available in North Woods

4oz Reed Diffuser                          $38

8oz Reed Diffuser                          $52

8oz Statement Reed Diffuser        $61

Diffuser Refill Oil                            $31

Potpourri Refresher Oil                  $21

Room Spray                                     $20

Reed Refill                                       $8.50

Black Pepper

Diffuser                                ​ $52
Diffuser Refill Oil                ​ $31

Coconut Oil & Essential Oils Rollerball $16

Available in Fresh Cucumber, Mint Lemongrass, Patchouli Spice, Sweet Vanilla and White Grapefruit

Whipped Coconut Body Butter $21

Available in Fresh Cucumber, Mint Lemongrass, Patchouli Spice, Sweet Vanilla and White Grapefruit

Coconut Oil & Beeswax Candle $31

Available in Fresh Cucumber, Mint Lemongrass, Patchouli Spice, Sweet Vanilla and White Grapefruit

Reed Diffuser                $60

Available in Tomato Leaf

Diffuser Refill Oil          $30

Available in Sandalwood

2-wick Candle               $40

Available in Sophie's Secret, Nora's Garden, Pear Blossom, Sandalwood and Tomato Leaf

3-wick Candle               $45

Available in Amethyst Wood, Belgian Linen, French Oak and Moss Garden


Tin Travel Candle   $11

Available in Simmered Cider & Millefleur

6.5oz Candle           $32

Available in Simmered Cider & Millefleur

9oz Candle              $32

Available in Neroli Sol

10oz Ceramic Candle $38

Available in Millefleur.with a packet of flower seeds.

​​2oz Glass Votive Candle                   $14

5oz Candle                                          $23

Available in White Tree, Pine Needle or Silver

Candle Trio with Stand                      $72
6.5oz Glass Candle                      
Available in Plain Green, Pine Needle or Molded Green Glass Design

12.5oz Silver Pine Needle Candle     $42

3 wick Green Pine Candle                 $52

Soy Candle                                                          $34

Hand Poured Candle with Wood Box               $50-52

Diffuser                                                                $41


Available in Lagoon Fresh, Mimosa & Cardamom

Limited Edition Winter Candles

 available in 4", 6" and 8"

11" Dinner Candle     $35

Available in Natural, Indigo and White Lace

4" Candle                   $60

Available in Indigo Taj Mahal

6" Candle                   $65

Available in Indigo Clouds

8" Candle                  $75

Available in Indigo Swirls and Natural Swirls

Lucid Liquid             $15

14oz Double Wick Candle with Lid $32

Quiz Compendium $21

Includes Brain Teasers, Pop Music Quiz, General Knowledge and Movie Buff Quiz

Party Compendium $21

Includes Sing It Back, Classic Charades, Guess What? and Name Game Quiz

Domino Train $36

A stylish twist on the original game of steady hands

Tumbling Blocks $26

Fast paced and highly addictive 12-spot domino game

Boxed Card Games $11

Available in After Dinner Party, Brain Freeze, Brain Teasers, Classic Charades, Football Quiz, General Knowledge, Movie Buff Quiz, Name Game Quiz, Pop Music Quiz, Sing It Back: Music Quiz, Sports Quiz, Travel Quiz, Who Am I Quiz, How well do you know America? Quiz

Sun Catchers and Wind Chimes in the shape of Lobsters, Fish, Mermaids and Boats

$40 - 72