Available in:  Icelandic Moss , Icelandic Kelp and Angelica Herb

Body Oil                            $36.00

Available in Verde and Citrus Oro

Body Balm                        $20.00

Available in Verde and Citrus Oro

Body Buttercream           $42.00

Available in Verde and Citrus Oro

Eau de Cologne               $42.00

Available in Verde 

Gentle Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner               $6.00 - $12.00
​       Available in 2.25oz and 6.7oz

​Hand and Cuticle Healing Salve       $9.00​​

​       Available in Orange Blossom

Body Butter                                      $15.00

​      Available in Orange Blossom

​Oatmeal Bar Soap                              $6.00

​      Available in Orange Blossom

No. 63

Available in Ocean, Citrus, Sunshine, Spa, Beach, Chill and Grapefruit                $14.00

Coconut Oil & Essential Oils Rollerball $16

Available in Fresh Cucumber, Mint Lemongrass, Patchouli Spice, Sweet Vanilla and White Grapefruit

Whipped Coconut Body Butter $21

Available in Fresh Cucumber, Mint Lemongrass, Patchouli Spice, Sweet Vanilla and White Grapefruit

Coconut Oil & Beeswax Candle $31

Available in Fresh Cucumber, Mint Lemongrass, Patchouli Spice, Sweet Vanilla and White Grapefruit

Boxed Card Games $11

Available in After Dinner Party, Brain Freeze, Brain Teasers, Classic Charades, Football Quiz, General Knowledge, Movie Buff Quiz, Name Game Quiz, Pop Music Quiz, Sing It Back: Music Quiz, Sports Quiz, Travel Quiz, Who Am I Quiz, How well do you know America? Quiz

Seaweed Loofa Soap                       $6

Apiana Honey Soap

Gift Soap                                           $5.50 - $21

 Available in 3oz, 7oz & 12oz bars and boxed gift sets

Body Lotion                                      $27

Hand Soap                                        $17.50

Bubble Bath and Shower Gel         $21

Eau de Toilette                                 $29.50

 Also available in Lavender, Fig and Wild Rose

Body Lotion                                       $26

63 Beard Oil        $16​\

Hallo Icelandic Soap      $8.00

Shave Soap          $16
Shave Cream      $21
After Shave         $21

Bar Soap         $5.50

Available in Lavender, Citrus and Honey

Hand and Body Lotion Bar $8.50

Available in Vanilla, Lavender, Honey and Citrus

for Men, Women & Home

Domino Train $36

A stylish twist on the original game of steady hands

Tumbling Blocks $26

Fast paced and highly addictive 12-spot domino game

Quiz Compendium $21

Includes Brain Teasers, Pop Music Quiz, General Knowledge and Movie Buff Quiz

Party Compendium $21

Includes Sing It Back, Classic Charades, Guess What? and Name Game Quiz

Hand Cream          $3.75

Available in Crisp Pear, Honeysuckle & Coconut, Love, Mediterranean Blue Tea, Sea Treasures, Unscented, Vanilla Bean, Verbena & Cream, Virginia Hyacinth, Water Flowers & Sea Salt, White Jasmin & Shea and Wild Ivy

​Foot Balm                $12.00

Natural Lip Color      $6.00

Available in Lotus Flower, Heather Rose, Ginger Berry, Apricot Lily and Plum Orchid

Lip Balm                    $4.50

Available in Orange Blossom, Grapefruit Blossom and Pomegranate & Honey

Harness the power of the sea in a super moisturizing and luxurious collection. Natural sea salts gently exfoliate and detox. Blue algae and marine ingredients work to provide the body with needed antioxidants to keep the skin looking and feeling young and healthy. Natural jojoba esters allow the lotions and cremes to go on smoothly, without a greasy or sticky feel.

Chapped Hand and Foot Therapy $25

Herbal Insect Repellent $18

After Sun Soothing Aloe Lotion $30

Olive Oil Bar Soap           $12.00

Available in Verde and Citrus Oro

Hand and Body Wash      $24.00

Available in Verde and Citrus Oro

Hand and Body Lotion    $32.00

Available in Verde and Citrus Oro

Hand and Body Cream    $15.00

Available in Verde and Citrus Oro

Bubble Bath                                       $18

NEW! Naked Zinc                                                             $4.50, $12.00, $16.00

​      Available in SPF 15 Lip Balm, SPF 30 Sun Stick and Sunscreen

​Hand and Body Lotion                                                    $12.00

​      Available in Orange Blossom, Coconut, Lavender, Pomegranate, Grapefruit Blossom, Nag Champa and Jasmine

Serious Hand Repair                                                       $12.00

​      Available in Orange Blossom, Coconut, Jasmin, Pomegranate and Grapefruit

​Everyday Facial Moisturizer                                           $12.00

​      Available in Orange Blossom with SPF 30

​Everyday Facial Cleansing Gel                                      $12.00

​      Available in Orange Blossom with Pineapple and Papaya

Gentle Cleansing Shampoo $13      Weightless Hydrating Conditioner $13

Guest Soap                     $3.00

Available in Goat's Milk

Two Bar Set                    $14.50

Available in Pure Honey, Goat's Milk, Royal Jelly and Calendula

Bath Soak                                          $26

Shea Butter Soap       $8

Soap on a Rope          $11

Hair & Body Wash      $15

Body Lotion                $16

Shea Butter

100% Shea Butter                                       $10

       1oz tube

100% Shea Butter with Lavender              $19

​       2.5oz tin

20% Shea Butter Soap                                $8

       Available in Original and Lavender

20% Shea Butter Lotion                             $8 - $16

       Available in Original, Lavender and Verbena

10% Shea Butter Body Butter                    $31

       Available in Lavender

Les Secrets De Josephine Eau De Toilette                             $45

        Available in Amber, Citron, Cotton Flower, Magnolia, Patchouli, Rosewood,

Spicy Orange, Tiara Flowers, Winter Jasmin, White Musk and White Tea

Sea Treasures

2oz Hand Cream            $7.50

8oz Lotion                       $12

Body Wash                   $13

Bar Soap                                                $11

Hand Wash                                            $16

Body Wash                                            $18.50 - $26

    Available in 17oz and 33oz

​​Sugar Scrub                                          $20


Argan Oil

Argan & Shea Butter Soap                         $8

       Available in Original, Exfoliating and Lavender

Argan & Shea Butter Hand Cream            $21

      Available in Lavender

Silky Body Oil                                             $18.50

​       8 fl oz

Foot Bar      $12.50

Available in Eucalyptus Mint, Peppermint

and Vanilla Lavender

Available in:  Sea Salt and SeaWeed

100% Pure Essential Oils in Organic Jojoba       $13

Available in Defense (Tea Tree & Eucalyptus), Focus (Rosemary & Bergamot),

Head Aide (Basil & Lavender), Muscle Soothe (Peppermint & Wintergreen),

Purify (Grapefruit & Juniper), Sleep (Chamomile & Lavender),

Stress Less (Ylang Ylang & Geranium) and Tummy Rescue (Ginger & Lemon)

Body Butter                                       $20

Body Lotion                                     $13

Travel Size Country Salve                 $6

Country Salve                             $13-25

Available in 100g tube or 400g tub                       

Soap on a Rope                  $11

    Available in Sea Salt or Lavender

Raw Virgin Coconut Oil          $10-38

Available in 2oz, 4oz, 8oz and 17oz

Sugar Scrub                            $13-31

Available in 2oz, 4oz and 7oz with spoon

Cleansing Balm                      $25

Available in Clarifying, Rejuvenating and Calming

Tube Lip Balm                        $7.50

Available in Peppermint,  Sweet Orange and Vanilla

Natural Deodorant                  $15

Bamboo Spoon                         $4 

Hand Crème                                      $19

Sea Salt Liquid Soap      $12.00

Provence Sante

Swedish Dreams Soap    $8.00

Available in Linden, Vetiver, Verveine and Jasmin

Quad-Milled Soap  ​       25g  $1.50    150g   $6.25    250g   $8.50  

Available in Agrumes, Amande, Angel's Trumpet, Cashmere Woods, Coconut, Freesia,

Green Tea, Honey Almond, Juicy Pomegranate, Laurel, Lavender, Lemongrass, Lime Zest, Linden, Milk, Mint Leaf, Mirabelle, Patchouli, Peony, Provence, Raspberry, Rose Petal,

Rosemary Mint, Sage, Sandalwood, Sea Salt, Starflower, Spiced Rum, Sweet Lemon, Verbena, Wild Flowers and White Gardenia