Toddler Hooded Bath Towel      $40.00

Available in Dinosaur, Flamingo, Giraffe, Lion, Shark and Tiger

Squirtie Party Sets      $21.00

​        Available in: Mermaid Party, Lagoon Party, Racecar Party, Monster Truck Party, Sea Party, Animal Party, Ballet Party, Boat Party, Swim Party, Jungle Party, Zoom Zoom Party, Street Sports Party and Dinosaur Party

Uses for Mommy

~Healing balm for stretch marks and rashes

~Anti-fungal, anti-yeast nipple cream to eliminate thrush and heal cracked nipples
~Apply vaginally to prepare body for childbirth

Baby Hooded Bath Towel       $30.00

Available in: Little Cow, Little Crab and Little Lamb

Small $12

Large $22

YikesTwins Hooded Towels   $40.00

TAvailable in Giraffe, Panda Bear, Tiger, Elephant, Shark, Turquoise Monster, ORange Monster, Purple Monster, Pink Monsterype your paragraph here.

Available in Crab, Hippo, Monkey

and Frog

Hooded Bath Towels     $37.00                                                                    

​        Available in: Princess Mouse, Elephant, Unicorn, Puppy, Dog, Horse, Purple Pony, Duck, Lamb, Blue Bear, Pink Bear, Rabbit and Dinosaur

Knit Baby Rattle $10.00

Pacifier Holder $12.00

Multi-Function Blanket $22.50

Plush Blanket $21.00

 Baby Bib      $13.00

 Available in Crab, Rabbit, Pig, Elephant, Hippo and Cat

Push Toys $6.00 - 17.00

Available in various color cars, various farm animals, dinosaurs and sets of 2 aninmals

Plush Toys                 ​ $21.00 - $31.00                          ​Available in: Narwal, Ocho the Octopus, Crab, Starfish and Puffin

Laundry Eaters Hamper     $27.00

Available in Various Color Combinations

Raw Virgin Coconut Oil       

                 2 oz                                $10

                 4 oz                                $16

                 8.5 oz                             $22

                 16 oz                              $38

Blankie Buddy     $17.00

​        Available in: Bunny, Lamb, Elephant, Cow, Puppy and Spotted Puppy

​Plush Rattle Buddy      $15.00

       Available in: Bunny, Lamb and Elephant

​Bedtime Huggie with Blanket        $29.00

      Available in: Unicorn, Frog, Bunny, Elephant, Puppy and Cow

Bib                         $12.50

     Available in Shark, Elephant, Crab  and Alligator

Animal Bath Mitt               $13.00

​        ​Available in: Monkey, Crab, Pig, Frog, Hippo, Lamb, Cat and Elephant

Animal Rattle              $13.00

​        ​Available in: Elephant, Giraffe, Turtle and Owl

ImageBooks Finger Puppet Books

100% raw and chemical-free: no chemicals, bleach, fillers, preservatives, solvents, toxins or binding agents. Always alkaline, never acidic.

Soapsox Bath Scrub Pal                $14.00

​        ​Available in: Hippo, Whale, Turtle, Shark, Duck, Alligator, Dragon, Seal, Stingray and Ladybug

​Available in: Kitty, Puppy, Goldfish, Bumblebee, Ladybug, Butterfly,

Seal, Bear, Football, Baseball and Soccer Ball

Large Plush Toy    $42.00

     Available in Shark and Alligator

​Warmies Heatable Soft Toys        

​          Available in: Husky, Brown Dog, Fox, Whale, Dinosaur, Koala, Hedgehog, Horse, Unicorn, Elephant, Giraffe, Monkey, Cat, Lion, Turtle, Whale, Alligator, Donkey, Frog, Penguin, Black Bear, Cow,

Sloth, Hippo, Snow Lion,  and Lion

Available in Monkey, Duck, Frog, Dinosaur and Shark

Available in Aliigator, Shark, Elephant, Robot, Llama and Flamingo

Available in Crab, Frog, Horse, Flamingo, Robot and Llama

Available in White Alligator, Pink Alligator, Blue Shark, White Llama

Reusable Snack Bag        $6​.00

for Men, Women & Home

​15" Knit Stuffed Animal           $31.00

​        Available in: Elephant and Lamb

Uses for Baby

~Lotion to soothe skin rash and baby acne

~After-bath moisturizer with a calming scent, that helps your baby sleep

~Natural ointment to eliminate diaper rash

~Healing balm to help relieve cradle cap

~Styling agent for the first few baby hairs

Baby Sun  Hats       $13.00

Available in Unicorn, Octopus, Crab, Duck, Giraffe, Frog, Shark, Watermelon, Strawberry, Pineapple, Mermaid and Fish​

Ocho's ABC Book              $14.00


Children's Books $8.00 - 10.00

Andy Alligator, Snappy Sneaky Crocidile, Sea Babies, I'm Just A Fish and more