Raw Virgin Coconut Oil       

                 2 oz                                $9

                 4 oz                                $16

                 8.5 oz                             $21

                 16 oz                              $38

New Mom Gift Set                  $24

           Includes 8.5 oz Coconut Oil, Bamboo Spoon

and Mommy/Baby Information Card

Animal Bath Mitt               $13.00

​        ​Available in: Monkey, Crab, Pig, Frog, Hippo, Lamb, Cat and Elephant

Uses for Baby

~Lotion to soothe skin rash and baby acne

~After-bath moisturizer with a calming scent, that helps your baby sleep

~Natural ointment to eliminate diaper rash

~Healing balm to help relieve cradle cap

~Styling agent for the first few baby hairs


​Available in: Kitty, Puppy, Goldfish, Bumblebee, Ladybug, Butterfly,

Seal, Bear, Football, Baseball and Soccer Ball

Baby Hooded Bath Towel       $30.00

Available in: Baby Bear, Baby Fish, Little Fish, Little Sea Turtle, Little Horse, Little Crab, Little Fox, Little Duck, Little Ladybug and Little Puppy

​Warmies Heatable Soft Toys        

​          Available in: Husky, Brown Dog, Fox, Seal, Whale, Dinosaur, Koala, Hedgehog, Horse, Unicorn, Elephant, Giraffe, Monkey,

Donkey, Frog, Penguin and Lion

Available in Crab, Hippo, Monkey

and Frog

Crab Baby Bib      $13.00

Blankie Buddy     $17.00

​        Available in: Bunny, Lamb, Elephant, Cow, Puppy and Spotted Puppy

​Plush Rattle Buddy      $15.00

       Available in: Bunny, Lamb and Elephant

​Bedtime Huggie with Blanket        $29.00

      Available in: Unicorn, Frog, Bunny, Elephant, Puppy and Cow

Knotted Lovey Friend              $17.00

​        ​Available in: Pink Rabbit, Grey Rabbit and Blue Dog

for Men, Women & Home

Bunny Rattle                $10.00

​        ​Available in: Pink, Blue, Round Pink, Round Blue, Round White, Pink Fluffy Bunny and Blue Fluffy Bunny

Toddler Hooded Bath Towel      $40.00

Available in Dinosaur, Flamingo, Giraffe, Lion, Shark and Tiger

Uses for Mommy

~Healing balm for stretch marks and rashes

~Anti-fungal, anti-yeast nipple cream to eliminate thrush and heal cracked nipples
~Apply vaginally to prepare body for childbirth

ImageBooks Finger Puppet Books

100% raw and chemical-free: no chemicals, bleach, fillers, preservatives, solvents, toxins or binding agents. Always alkaline, never acidic.

Soapsox Bath Scrub Pal                $14.00

​        ​Available in: Hippo, Whale, Turtle, Shark, Duck, Alligator, Dragon, Seal, Stingray and Ladybug

Hooded Bath Towels     $37.00                                                                    

​        Available in: Princess Mouse, Elephant, Unicorn, Puppy, Dog, Horse, Purple Pony, Duck, Lamb, Blue Bear, Pink Bear, Rabbit and Dinosaur

Small $12

Large $22

​15" Knit Stuffed Animal           $31.00

​        Available in: Elephant and Lamb

Squirtie Party Sets      $21.00

​        Available in: Mermaid Party, Lagoon Party, Racecar Party, Monster Truck Party, Sea Party, Animal Party, Ballet Party, Boat Party, Swim Party and Dinosaur Party