KHall Bath Bombs 4.3oz                                   $7

Available in Blue Iris and Persimmon

Mixologie Bath Bombs w. Goat Milk Soap          $7

Available in Citrus Twist, Crisp Vanilla, Rose Floral, Fruity, Light Floral, Wild Musk, Ocean, Natural, Clean Breeze, Shot of Spice

Spa Relaxus Aromatherapy Bath Bombs           $4.50

Available in Unwind, Bliss, Sweet Dreams, Muscle Melt, Serenity, Sensual, Lime, Grapefruit, Chamomile, Lavender

Spa Relaxus Color Changing Bath Bombs        $4.50

Available in Sea Foam (Blue to Yellow to Green) and Galaxy (Red to Blue to Purple)

Clear My Head Bath Fizzies                          $4 - 15

Available as Single 1.5oz Discs and Boxes of Four 1.5oz Discs

Sponges / Loofas

Salt / Sugar Scrub

Masks & Treatments

Spa Relaxus Eye Treatments                          $3.50

Available in Retinol and Collagen 

Spa Relaxus Fabric Face Masks                     $4

Available in Cucumber, Retinol, Marine Algae, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid Bamboo Charcoal, Collagen, GlowTox, Aloe Vera, Bamboo Charcoal,  and Argan Oil

Spa Relaxus Clay Face Masks                       $4.50

Available in Bamboo Charcoal + Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Red Algae + Shea Butter, Teatree + Jojoba Oil 

To-Go Spa Eye Treatments 3-pack                 $13

Available in Silver Illuminator, Gold Baggage Handler, Rose Gold Brigtening, Coconut & Vit D and Pomegranate Anti-Aging

To-Go Spa Lip Treatment 3-pack     $13

Available in Coconut Lip and Rose Gold Lip Restoration

To-Go Spa Face Collection                            $50
Available in Silver Illuminator and Pomegranate Anti-Aging. Includes: 4 pair Eyes, 2 Face, 2 Lips and 2 Neck

Jack Black Deep-Dive Clay Face Mask         $23

Spa Relaxus Makeup Wipes                           $3.50-5

Available in Aloe, Cucumber and Bamboo Charcoal 

Makeup Magic Reusable Remover                 $7

Bamboo Charcoal Facial Brush                       $12

​Spa Relaxus Konjac Face Sponge                  $7


Thymes Foaming Bath Salts 2oz packet                $6

Available in Goldleaf and GoldLeaf Gardenia

Thymes GoldLeaf Bubble Bath 12oz                     $26

Dresdner Essenz Bath Essence 2oz                      $5

Available in Pomegranate/Grapefruit, Peony/Jojoba Oil, Atlantic Sea, Coconut Milk/Ylang Ylang & Provence

Dresdner Essenz Aromatherapy Bath 2oz              $5

Available in Deep Relaxation (Melissa & Lavender), Cold Relief (Thyme & Honey), Muscle Therapy (Juniper & Wintergreen Oil) Soothe and Unwind (Lavender & Hop) and Breathe Easy (Eucalyptus & Fennel & Honey)

Archipelago Blue Sea Kale Bubble Bath 16oz        $19

Lil Llama Lavender Baby Bubble Bath 12oz          $14

for Men, Women & Home


Bath and Shower

Hands / Feet


Masks & Treatments

Archipelago Blue Sea Kale Sugar Scrub            $20

Skinny Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub                        $23

Available in 4oz 

Parasilk Coconut Husk Scrub                            $23

​Grapefruit + Shea Butter Himalayan Salt Scrub  $7

Bath Bombs

Spa Relaxus Hand Treatments                          $6-7

Available in Olive Oil, Collagen, Shea Butter & Jojoba and Retinol

Parasilk Paraffin Glove Treatment                     $21

Available in Mitts or Gloves

Spa Relaxus Foot Masks                                   $6​

Available in Peppermint & Tangerine, Shea Butter & Jojoba, Olive Oil, Coconut and Tea Tree

Parasilk Paraffin Foot Treatment                       $21 - 31

Available in Single Use and 4-Treatment Pair

Parasilk Spot Peel Intensive Treatment            $26


Spa Relaxus Pumice Stone and Foot File        $6 - 11

Spa Relaxus Crystal Foot File                          $11

Erbario Toscano Olive Complex Foot Cream   $21

Naked Bee Restoration Foot Balm                   $12

Bullenbees Chapped Foot Therapy                  $25

Bath Salts

Bath and Shower

Bath Packets / Bubble Bath

RSPinch Me Therapy Dough                              $14

Available in Grapefruit, Spa, Ocean, Chill, Relief and Melon

Clear My Head Herbal Inhalation                   $21

Clear My Head Linen Mist                              $16

Available in 2go

​​Spa Relaxus Pillow Spray                              $14

Available in Sleep and Snore Free

rareEssence Roll On Oils                               $13

Available in Head Aide (Basil & Lavender), Focus (Rosemary & Bergamot), Defense (Tea Tree & Eucalyptus), Purify (Grapefruit & Juniper), Tummy Rescue (Ginger & Lemon), Muscle Soothe (Peppermint & Wintergreen), Sleep (Lavender & Chamomile) and Stress Relief (Ylang Ylang & Geranium)

rareEssence Pure Essential Oils                   $6.50 - 28

Available in Organic Tea Tree, Organic Peppermint, Sleep, OM, 

Organic Sweet Orange, Grapefruit, Organic Lemongrass, Vetiver, Cedarwood Atlas, Organic French Lavender, Wild-Crafted Chamomile Roman, Jasmine in Organic Jojoba

Sonoma Essential Oil Heated Neck Wraps   $46

Available in Lavender, Eucalyptus and Ocean Aire

Sonoma 100% Pure Essential Oils               $16

Available in Lavender and Eucalyptus

Spa Relaxus Massage Rollers                      $9.50

Mistral Bath Salts 23oz bag                            $14.50

Available in White Flowers, Verbena, Lavender and Lychee Rose

Clear My Head Sinus Blend 16oz  bag            $13

AAA Lily of the Valley 5oz packet                     $6

Thymes Himalayan Lavender Cedar                $21

Thymes Bath Salt 2oz packet                          $6

Available in Lavender, Kimono Rose, Aqua Coralline, Tupelo Lemongrass, Neroli Sol, Olive Leaf and Eucalyptus

Spongelle Built-In Cleanser Buffers                $12

Available in Flower Market 2 pack, Coconut Verbena, Beach Grass, Papaya Yuzu, Freesia Pear, Honey Blossom, Sugar Dahlia, French Lavender and Bulgarian Rose

Spongelle Men's Built-In Body Wash              $15 - 19

Available in Super Buffer Verbena Absolute and Extreme Buffer Bergamot Absolut with Cayenne Pepper Extract

Spa Relaxus Soap Sacks                               $5.50 - 7

Available in Bamboo and Ramie

Spa Relaxus Bath Puffs                                  $7 - 12

Available in Bamboo and Ramie

Baudelaire Striped or White Bath Mitts           $10

Baudelaire Sisal Body Scrubber or Brush       $10.50 - 14