Room Mist       

Kensington (Florals, Citrus, Amber)

Venezia (Patchouli, Floral Vanilla, Musk)

Aromatherapy Room Mist      

Love  (Rose Absolute, Palmarosa & Ylang Ylang)

Awaken ​(Sweet Orange, Grapefruit & Black Pepper)

Refresh (Lemongrass, Lemon & Litsea Cubeba)

Uplifting (Spearmint, Peppermint & Sweet Orange)

Clarity (Eucalyptus & Sage)

Hope (Fir Balsam, Spruce & Pine Needle)

Peace (Frankincense, Myrrh & Palo Santo)

Passion (Patchouli, Tangerine & Cinnamon Leaf)

Dream (Lavender, Armoise & Clary Sage)

Meditation (Peru Balsam, Lavender & Sandalwood)

Travel Tin Candle                               
6.5oz Tin Candle                               

5oz Candle                                          

Available in White Tree or Silver
6.5oz Glass Candle                      
Available in Pine Needle or Molded Green Glass Design

Room Spray                                   

3 oz Candle                                   


Bar Soap                                       

Bar Soap w. Holder                      

Liquid Soap                                   

Petite Hand Cream                     

​Hand Cream                                   

Hand Lotion                                   

Dishwashing Liquid                     

Surface Cleaner                             

Carefully crafted of the perfect blend using the best 100% natural soy wax and premium oils. Many of the candles we carry are unique to us, and custom made for our shop. Boxed, wrapped and bowed, these candles make perfect gifts for you or someone you love.

Sun Catchers and Wind Chimes in the shape of Lobsters, Fish, Mermaids and Boats

Other Room Sprays Available

Room Spray        

Home Grown Cotton

Lavender Fields

Rosemary Mint

Fresh Fig

Walk in the Woods

4oz Reed Diffuser                         

8oz Reed Diffuser                          

8oz Statement Reed Diffuser     

Diffuser Refill Oil                            

Potpourri Refresher Oil                 

Reed Refill                                      

Dry Diffuser Set                             

Dry Diffuser Refill                         

Peony Room Spray    $18

Kim Hovell 15oz Soy Candles      

Available in Tide Pool, Salty Shore, Lapis Lagoon, Citrus Reef and Ocean Meadow

Room Spray                                                                                             

Available in Aqua Coralline, Eucalyptus, Frasier Fir, Goldleaf, Goldleaf Gardenia, Kimono Rose, Lavender, Neroli Sol, Vanilla Blanc, Olive Leaf & Tupelo Lemongrass

Charming Interiors from Kennebunkport, Maine

While the scents and styles available change frequently, we always offer a wide range of sizes, prices and scents. Some of our most popular scents are Ocean, Rain, Driftwood, Gentleman's Choice, Leather and Black Sea.

for Men, Women & Home