Shaving Brush with Stand   $23-32
Available in various colors and styles

Shaving Soap Bowl   $25

Hydrating Siberian Fir

Deep Cleansing Silver Sage + Bergamot

Revitalizing Exotic Musk + Sandalwood

Exfoliating Cardamom + Juniper

Moisturizing Midnight Amber

Buffer Sponge with built in body wash. Scrub, Cleanse, and Hydrate All in One

Shaving Brush & Stand        $42

Cella Crema Da Barba


Charcoal Body Bar                                            $16

Turbo Bar Scrubbing Soap                               $16

​Available as Bar Soap and Soap on a Rope

Turbo Wash Energizing Cleanser                    $24

All-Over Wash                                                    $10.50-22

Available in 3oz and 10oz​

Pit CTRL Deodorant                                          $20

​Cool Moisture Body Lotion                              $30

Dragon Ice Relief & Recovery Balm                 $25

Sunguard Sun Screen                                         $22

No. 63

Shave Soap          $16
Shave Cream      $21
After Shave         $21

San Francisco Soap Company Man Bars

Eau De Parfum                         $70

Available in Black Amber, Cedarwood Marine, Salted Gin, Silver Absinthe,

Teak Wood and Vanilla Bourbon

Perfect Glide Shave Cream     $19

Available in Cedarwood Marine

Post-Shave Balm                     $21

Available in Black Amber, Cedarwood Marine and Bourbon Vanilla

Roll On Men's Fragrance                      $18

Beard Oil                                                $13

for Men, Women & Home

Swedish Dreams Soap    $8.50


Clay Pomade                                                     ​  $24

Double Header Shampoo & Conditioner         $33

Shea Butter Soap    $8

Soap on a Rope       $11

Hair & Body Wash   $15

Body Lotion             $16


Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25         $8.50

Available in Natural Mint, Lemon, Grapefruit & Ginger,

Black Tea & Blackberry, Shea Butter & Vitamin E

Fresh Mint "The Stick" Lip Balm           $8.50

Eye Balm                                                  $26

Protein Booster Eye Rescue                  $41

Clean Break Oil Free Moisturizer            $31

MP10 Nourishing Oil                                $35

Double Duty Face Moisturizer                 $29 - 49

Available in 3.3oz and 8.5oz.

Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser          $13.50 - 20

Available in 3oz and 6oz

Face Buff Energizing Scrub                   $19-31

Available in 3oz and 6oz

Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser       $24

Power Peel Pads 40 count                      $39

Oil Control Toner                                     $25

Available in:  Icelandic Moss , Icelandic Kelp and Angelica Herb

Top Shelf Hand & Body Lotion            $10
Luxury Body Wash                                $13

Industrial Strength Hand Healer                       $16

Available in 3oz

Sea Salt Liquid Soap      $12.00

Eau de Toilette

Royall Vetiver Noir 4oz          $57

Royall Bay Rhum 4oz             $57

Royall Rugby 4oz                    $57

Royall Yacht 4oz                     $57

Royall Muske 4oz                    $54

An all natural & organic made in Maine purveyor of Men's beard & facial hair grooming products

Beard Balm                                    $17.00

Hallo Icelandic Soap      $8.50

Royall Lyme 4oz                      $54

Royall Muske 4oz                    $54

Rapid Shaving Cream in Tube    $18


Beard Lube Conditioning Shave            $12.50 - 18

Available in 3oz and 6oz 

Supreme Cream Shave Lather               $14 - 20

Available in 3oz and 8oz

Beard Wash                                              $19

Post Shave Cooling Gel                          $21

Beard Oil                                                  $26

Shaving Cream                    $31
Body Balm                           $31
Diffuser                                $52
Diffuser Refill Oil                ​ $31

Scented Candle      $50

Available in Black Amber, Cedarwood Marine,

Royal Cypress,

Sandalwood Bamboo,

Silver Absinthe

and Vanilla Bourbon

50%off while supplies last


Bad Andy's from Kennebunkport, Maine

Bar Soap                $13

Available in Black Amber, Cedarwood Marine Royal Cypress, Salted Gin, Sandalwood Bamboo, Silver Absinthe, Teak Wood, Mezcal Lime and Vanilla Bourbon

Body Wash           $27

​Available in Black Amber, Cedarwood Marine, Salted Gin, Teak Wood, Silver Absinthe and Vanilla Bourbon


Shave Cream                       $21

Available in Excaliber, Urban Woods, Lavender Lime and Bay Rum

Shaving Soap                       $12.50

Available in Excaliber, Bay Rum, Lime and Eucalyptus Mint​​

Pre Shave Oil                        $14.50

Mustache Wax                       $16

Shaving Brush with Stand   $32

Large Men's Socks            $10.50

Available in Tan Lobster, Black Lobster, Blue Wave, Orange Wave, Grey Whale, Navy Whale, Blue Bug, Navy Striped,

Grey/Orange Striped​ and Blue Crab 

Available in:  Sea Salt and SeaWeed

Travel Eau De Parfume       $20

Eau De Parfume                     $62

Bar Soap                                $13

Shower Bath                         $21

Shampoo & Conditioner     $25


All-Over Body Spray                                        ​  $31

Turbo Body Spray                                             $31

Black Reserve Body Spray                              $37

Blue Mark Eau De Parfume                              $80

​JB Eau De Parfume                                           $80

2.5oz Bergamot Absolute      $15

3.5oz Verbena Absolute         $19

Spongelle Men's Soap Buffer

Borotalco Powder

100g      $12

200g      $20

Timeless and Torrid (Bergamot, Mint Leaf and Needle Sap)

Modern and Masculine (Azonic, Peppermint and Lavender)

Seductive and Sophisticated (Clove, Timber and Black Salt)

Ardent and Addictive (Citrus and Basil)

Safety Razor     $23-61

Available in various styles and sizes

Platinum Double Edge Blades $3.50

Available in Cartons of 5

Razor and Brush Stand   $23

Does not include razor or brush